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Next Stop New Job

Whatever the reason is for resignation or dismissal it is a substantial personal challenge. The balance between anger, confusion and lost self-confidence on one hand and the drive towards managing the situation and move on with energy and new confidence is subtle. Often you need help.

Living Leadership offers a compressed and efficient course. The starting point is your personal experience of the situation and it helps you discover your strengths and areas of learning and development in a way that opens up for a new and purposeful working life.

The course is based on thoroughly tested methods and consist of 4 x 2 hour sessions divided between the following themes: Accept, personal needs and strengths and working objects.

The core aim in the proces is for you to:

  • Turn frustration into acceptance and drive
  • Meet and cope with your feelings and needs
  • Discover your personal virtues and how you can use yourself in new ways
  • Get the energy to plan a new working life

After the course it is possible for you to seek relevant jobs with new energy and self-confidence. Jobs that you will more likely get because of your attitude and a good match.