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Fellow travellers

If we view the coaching course as a voyage of discovery then we view our-selves as curious “fellow travellers” who, besides standing shoulder to shoulder with those we coach, challenge the goals and means of the journey just as we once in a while point out things on the road which would otherwise remain unexplored and undiscovered.

We work with the living leadership. Especially how you can be effective and professional and not least remain yourself in the role as a leader. To us, living leadership is about how you, as a human being and as a leader, manage to connect to your tasks, to what you believe in, and not least to other people.

If you are ready to make an effort in setting new goals and standards for your leadership we would like you to get in touch.

The people

The coaches you will meet through Living Leadership are professional, co-active coaches and trained by The Coaches Training Institute. We are all certified by “International Coach Federation” (ICF), a global profession organisation that secures high technical and ethical standards.

Living Leadership is led by Helene Aalling, MCC.