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Learning with equals

LearningTeams means learning with colleagues on an equal footing. It is a carefully arranged, structured and tightly facilitated collaboration which is grounded in the supervision and action learning way of thinking. The aim is to create a safe and trusty setting, which opens up for courage and an urge to expand the perspective of yourself and your professional work.

Genuine challenges and commitment

You will get the opportunity to engage yourself in genuine challenges and dilemmas in a group which bases its work on trust and reliance. This is part of the contract we agree on.

Relevant connection

A learningteam consists of 6 – 8 participants who meet about 10 times per year. The groups are constructed so that you meet people from your own or another company who have similar posts. This is to secure the relevance of the challenges and problems you will be faced with during the course. Independence between the participants is a precondition, though.