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Attentive dialogues that lead to insight and action

Individual coaching is about individual learning and change in a professional context, which will benefit you and the company. The aim is to focus your performance and to bring forward more of your potential as a human being and as a leader through attentive and challenging dialogues.

New perspectives

Imagine a challenge; a goal you want to achieve, a role you want to fulfil. However, something keeps obstructing or there are hard choices to make. You feel stuck. With a coach you will have the opportunity to uncover if your present perspective on this challenge is conducive or if there are other – just as true – perspectives which will support you more, instead of just getting a few prefabricated tools to reach your goal or make the choice.

A fulfilling life

To put things into a new perspective is one of the ways to challenge yourself. To uncover your underlying and highly personal values is another. To carry out your work in harmony with your innermost dreams and be truly faithful to yourself can be transgressive. But it enables you to set really visionary and attractive goals and to reach them. Your personal coach will ask the questions which will bring you insight and courage. The questions will challenge your ideas about yourself and your surroundings, confront you with obstructing ways of habitual thinking, and help you to see your values, strengths and purpose.