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Do you recognize this:

  • We use too much time and energy on conflicts that remain unsolved!
  • We are not aligned and it is undermining our resoluteness and execution!
  • Our productivity and engagement is waning because of disagreement!

Win-win perspective

Mediation is a method to handle disagreement and to solve conflicts. All people involved focus on needs and interests instead of power and rights. And they acknowledge each other’s different views. It is a method to release time, energy and resources and it supports engagement, innovative thinking and productivity.

A course at Living Leadership consists of four parts:

  • Goal setting, design and preparation
  • Exploration including story telling and discovering of needs, worries and interests
  • Brain storming, new foundation and a common action plan
  • Implementation and follow-up

The outcome from mediation as a way of conflict management is an absence of fear and anxiety, real innovation and constructive interaction. Through that you can profit both economically and personally.