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Training in coaching dialogue

The demands of the future necessitate that companies adopt involving and supportive ways of leading. This will mean entrusting a great deal of the ongoing decision-making competence to the employees and relying on the abilities and potentials of everyone.

The coaching way of a leader – more than a method

Coaching employees means helping them to discover their own forces and skills. The coaching is thus aimed at supporting them in making conscious choices concerning what is going to happen, when, and by what means. Choices that are based on their knowledge, virtues and commitment. The important thing is for employees to learn during the process about themselves, their personal advantages and challenges. This makes employee coaching much more than just a method of problem solving. It becomes an approach to lead and create human change in the organisation.

Living Leadership offers companies a 3-day training programme in coaching dialogues.

The training programme is based on Co-Active Coaching which was developed by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in the USA in the 1990’s and which is applied throughout the world today.